MCA-The Beastie Boys and a 40 year olds story of their influence

My interest in music has always been all over the place: As a person who really doesn’t play any traditional instrument, I never felt that I had to stick to one style or genre. However I listen to music and play that music on two turntables and a mixer since 1993 and I’m no expert at that but I do enjoy it, I’ve also been writing poems, poetry, verses, lyrics and short stories since I was in middle school:

A huge influence on me has and always will be the Beastie Boys..since it is fast approaching the sad anniversary of MCA parting from us I would like to share with you all some cool Beastie Boy memories and websites/links:

I first heard of the Beastie Boys because of the Krush Groove movie soundtrack, around that time of the 80’s, I was break dancing with my friends in Elementary School to this tape among other tapes in 84. Jump ahead to 1986, I’m in Middle School and what seems like forever License to Ill is released and without hesitation I’m buying License to Ill. Since that release all I wanted was to see them live and it would take many more years till I had that chance. I’d learn to drive a car, graduate High School and drop out of college and absorbed four releases of theirs before seeing them live, which was at Lalapallooza 1994. I was also going to see them with Rage Against the Machine but that show got cancelled. I witnessed one other live show in Worcester, so for me the experience with the Beastie Boys was one of driving in my car, playing vinyl on turntables and seeking remixes of Beastie Boys into rave tunes, partying with friends, reading the stories and most of all eating up every damn video they put out. MCA (Nathanial Hornblower)was pivotal in me wanting to make video’s. With all this said, I know that I’m not the biggest fan of the Beastie Boys or MCA’s crazy stalker but there are not many people, musicians and or things that make me smile and laugh so hard today. The experience of watching the Beastie Boys grow up with the world watching has had to be difficult at times for them but the strength of these boy’s to stand up and take a fight at all things important to them is one thing any fan can cheer at many stages of ones life, the right to fight to party, the right to put down the guns, fighting for the rights of others in the world suffering, the right for musicians to collaborate from many genre’s, the right to make art, the right to speak up, the right to sample music and they just did it unlike any other act.

Currently my twin nephews are growing up and learning to enjoy the Beastie Boys.  As an uncle I’m moved by how at such a young age they bounce along, learn lyrics, copy moves and laugh with the video’s.  I know deep down inside that some lyrics are going over their head and some words maybe they shouldn’t hear but I know that while they experience the Beastie Boys as they grow up they will grow up to be even better young people because the Beastie Boy’s have shown us that this can happen.

My most recent experience with the Beastie Boys came last weekend, I was able to stay in Brooklyn for a few days and as Micha Scaia put on the Beastie Boys I was overwhelmed with emotions, it felt foreign to listen to them in Brooklyn and I felt like this state of NY got quieter as we listened, it got real, it got serious, it for the first time in my Beastie Boy listening experience made me sad, a good sad. I was allowed into a world they lived no longer was I pretending to be one of them, I was listening to a story of three bad brothers who will go down in history like very few ever will. We are lucky they exist and lived is how I feel.

I know I’m super saddened by Adams death because (and I know it’s selfish) that means I will never see the three of them live ever again and that maybe the music they make may never be the same and that the Beastie Boy video’s will not have Nathanial to direct them. It is sad to a person like me and I know for many others. Although I know only what I’ve read, listened to or watched I have to admit I don’t know these three guy’s personally but am ever grateful that they did what they did.

I dream of hearing on the next Beastie Boy album “yo this time it’s MCA and I’m back from the dead, I’ve been ever flowing in the Chi of the Buddah and been lost in mediation my friends”

Peace to Adam (MCA)

This guy does a great and fun job at explaining  The Greatest Beastie Boys video’s

If you really want to read some great insight into the Beastie Boys check out this website and make a donation to keep it going for others to enjoy:

Why MCA can make us all laugh:

Now let me go cry, turn of some video’s and breath before I send my next long post on another friend and brother we lost at the same time last year, Joshua Raine.

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Alone but not for long

Alone but not for long

Alone but not for long

without you in my thoughts

between my ears

behind my eyes

something thinks

want’s, needs

visuals and dreams

you and me

I’m not smart

maybe clever

sometimes deep

Still alone but not for long

It’s all these

brains, souls and hearts

they do what they do

like it or not

Something grows and festers

it’s released

with wax, snot

or tears

spit and or sweat

nothing comes

without reaching

for it.

OK, you and I

need to talk

your time

must be important

so hear me out

we are a team

on the same side

I think

you feel

let’s do both

to the best of our abilities

and see

where we go

what we see





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When We All Look Back

When We All Look Back


Watching all these people

going places to make a dime

racing around

waisting time

treating life like it’s a crime.


When it’s time

when we all look back

When we all see

We’ll see

it wasn’t fine.


Big money get’s it all for free

poverty stricken and the time clocks ticking

if it’s an addiction 

we’ll it’s lock up time

because we want you 

far, far, from our view 

and our system

but if you are a CEO

you never have to go

because you robbed us blind

we shake your hands

and treat you kind

we’ll even put you on the cover

because you are 

the golden calf

of the aristocrats.


When it’s time

When we all look back

When we all see

We’ll see

it wasn’t fine


Watching all these people

going places

just to stand in line

to sit in seats

or just fall asleep.

Watch us rush

from place to place

for the newest

piece of cheese

Watch us eat it up

take a mega byte from the Apple

post it, share it

tag it, drag it

we are electronic maggots.


When it’s time to look back

and truly look at the facts

will this be 

what we really want

or need

When we look back

and read 

in our history books

Is that what  we leave

Lessons on: 

How to be crooks

Thieving for Dummy’s 

Steal This Book,

Abby Hoffman

had to run

because the Government lied

now how is that any fun!  


When we all look back

what will we see

we’ll see

It wasn’t fine

and it sure wasn’t mine.  



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Something I Feel

Something I Feel

I think it’s something

I feel

From the anxiety of fear

to the feeling of love

both a feeling

taken to a heart

that beats in time

to what I feel.

I touch my fingers

to caress a body

but when I feel

in thought or believe

I feel where the heat goes

is this real?

To know something

I feel


the soul

in awe.

Anxiety, depression,

negative, positive



have, had,

the experience

to feel sensations


like a grasp

around my soul

it clutches, pinches

and pokes

no finger, no hands

what is so powerful

to make me

shiver with fear

and tremble in awe

I believe

It’s something I feel

Is it good or bad?

You be the judge

believe in the feeling of love.

Is something I feel.

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You knows, You knows

You knows, You knows


I Need to escape the grasp of failure

It’s all I know

the clutches of my failing mind

finds food in the persuit of ill thoughts.


You knows, you knows


for so long, oh so long

the trouble I mine

had been filled

filled to the rim

with thoughts running

running wild like the wind.


blow your top

sis boom bap

I have had it

and that’s that.


Mentally challenged

from within

no nonsense

it’s a mess

It’s the you

you kill me

you try 

you lie

you cheat 

you love

you are cheap


you knows, you knows


this is how you find me, 


alone at night in a home

with others who don’t know

the stairs and floor squeak

today we had a massive leak

the windows draft is cold

the air is crisp

a song plays

the speaker crackles

and the TV shines

burning with knowledge

I’m only saying

what I’m seeing


you knows, you knows


that feeling

the feeling your trapped

and the other day

it seemed so hopeful

a possible positive notion

for man kind

but alls not fine

All is not fine

I’m failing at knowing

and knowing 

I’m failing

my kindness

seems so


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The Walls

The Walls

These terms and sayings

I was born into

they are all around

and all’s I know

is the view

of life

from me

is represented

by how you speak

If it’s ill, negative and

or with shame

don’t think I’m blind

cause I do see

and if it’s shelter, care and love

maybe then

there is no harm done.

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Beauty Lies

Beauty Lies

Beauty lies

in between

the bones

and lungs

I hope to always

remain young.

Others are quick

to pick

out the wrong

but sing

the other song

when it falls

on their lap

they are not

giving praise

their raising hell

and taken names

that’s the reborn way

quick to call it and you gay.

Here is what to say

toast the end of the day

watch the sun

go away

just like your check

gone as you pay

to lose your way

as the sun settles on

the west coast bay

and it’s the end of their day

If it’s a touch of New England grey

then you may think

peace is square

The pyramids weren’t

built in a day

Gods will

or Bill

stamped and licked

One is one and its really the shame!

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